Making Birds Safer at Desert National Wildlife Refuge

by Jeanne Tinsman


This was a bird's eye view of the windows at the Visitor Center at Corn Creek, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Clark County, Nevada. The glass perfectly reflected inviting habitat.


Even the raptor silhouettes did not prevent birds from flying into the windows, thinking they were headed towards open skies and cover.


Today (7/25/2021), we installed the DIY version of Acopian BirdSavers. Such a difference!
The Acopian BirdSavers are easy to make, using J Channel, parachute cord and Velcro strips.
The J Channel we purchased already had holes, and we cut and added parachute cord about every three inches.
Heavy-duty outdoor Velcro was cut into strips and applied to the J Channel frame ~
~ and then the bird savers were mounted onto the window frames.

Finished the north side windows in just a few hours.

East side windows are done, just an hour's more work.
This is how they look from inside the Visitor Center.