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Join us for birding at Aliante Park in North Las Vegas!

Black-crowned Night Heron, juvenile

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Start Time: 10/15/2023 07:30 AM
End Time: 10/15/2023 09:30 AM

Location: Aliante Nature Discovery Park

    2627 Nature Park Dr
    North Las Vegas NV, 89084

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This 20-acre urban park just south of County Road 215 at Aliante Parkway has a surprising variety of habitats that attract many different types of birds.  The centerpiece is a series of five human-made ponds, connected by weirs and fed by a large waterfall.  Fish and turtles (abandoned pets) have made themselves at home and will often lure in a Great Blue or Black-crowned Night Heron, cormorants, mergansers, or a Belted Kingfisher.  The previous winter a Common Loon visited to dine on carp.  Who will surprise us next?  The ponds are small and surrounded by sidewalks and bridges which allow us close-up views of waterfowl.  

Fall migration is still bringing in some warblers, and low bushes provide cover for Spotted Towhees and Lincoln’s Sparrows.  A hidden ravine of mesquite and desert scrub is the year-round home of roadrunners, quails, and Phainopeplas.  Open grass fields are perfect foraging for Canada Geese, Mourning Doves, and Brewer’s Blackbirds.  A walk around the library finds us tall willow trees full of hummingbirds, Verdins, and goldfinches.  This abundance of birds is also a buffet for Red-tailed and Cooper’s Hawks and American Kestrels. 

Our North Las Vegas-resident trip leader David Zechman will lead us on a 1.5-mile, two hour walk.  We will walk sidewalks and grassy fields, nearly completely level.  We will meet between the north parking lot and the ponds at 2627 Nature Park Drive just east of North Aliante Parkway; restrooms nearby. 

Want to see what has been reported at this park?  Here are the most recent sightings:  https://ebird.org/hotspot/L16677559

As always, when birding in our arid climate please remember to bring enough water, protection from the sun, and snacks as needed for yourself. Don’t forget your binoculars, camera, spare battery, and any other birding accessories you may have. SHOES: your shoes may get wet due to large sprinklers and there is duck/goose poop along the paths so choose accordingly.


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