Birding by Ear - Zoom Presentation - Red Rock Audubon

Join Alex Harper for a zoom presentation on how to improve your birding by ear skills!

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Start Time: 12/01/2023 06:30 PM
End Time: 12/01/2023 07:45 PM

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Birding by ear is yet another layer to the birding experience. Whenever we are outside, birds are constantly communication with one another around us. Alex Harper will be your lead for a zoom presentation on birding by ear. He will teach you some language used to describe bird vocalizations, give you mnemonics to remember bird songs and calls, describe how birds have dialects, and describe how you can better attune to the environment by becoming more fluent with the language of birds. After this, you will better be able to visualize sound, identify and describe different patterns of bird sounds and use that to identify birds. You will also learn about why birds make different sounds when they do.

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