Dawn Birding to Meet the Cooper’s Hawk Family - Red Rock Audubon

Join David Zechman for a early morning walk to see the Cooper's Hawks feeding their young at El Dorado Park, followed by a walk at Seastrand Park. 

Hawk in a tree

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Start Time: 07/01/2023 05:00 AM
End Time: 07/01/2023 07:00 AM

Location: Eldorado Park

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Note: This event starts at 5:00am

We will park on the south side of W. Tropical Parkway (on the north side of Eldorado Park, heading east from Camino Eldorado Parkway). 



Join our North Las Vegas park guide David Zechman for this special event.  We will meet the local Cooper’s Hawk family, hear their story, and discuss how to observe nesting raptors respectfully to avoid disrupting them.  David has been learning from this family since April of last year.  They were a new couple then—each only a year old—when David first saw the young male gathering sticks and nest building to attract and court a mate.  We will learn how they have worked together to start a family.  We’re starting early at 5:00 a.m. to beat the heat and to see breakfast being delivered by mom or dad.  After spending an hour or less at this 10-acre park (which can present other surprise birds on occasion), we will drive two minutes north to Seastrand Park to meet nesting White-winged Doves, the resident Killdeer family, and others.  Please join us for this special, exciting but slow-paced birding event, with story-telling and a meaningful learning experience.  We will walk one to two miles in two hours with discussion breaks on park benches.  


Note: there is no restroom at Eldorado Park, but there are at Seastrand.


Registration Closed