Red Cliffs Birdfest - Red Rock Audubon

Spring Birding Greater Zion - Where the beauty of the birds is matched only by the beauty of the scenery.
Condors by Diane Hoy

Event Type: Festival
Open to Non-members: Yes
Members Price: $0
Non-members Price: $0
Start Time: 04/27/2023 07:00 AM
End Time: 04/29/2023 06:00 PM

Location: Hilton Garden Inn St. George

    1731 S Convention Center Dr
    St. George UT, 84790

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Welcome and thanks for your interest in registering. We look forward to seeing you! 

Our Registration process is done in two phases, so there are two dates you need to remember. 

Below are the details about registering. If you need help, call the hotline - 435-767-7617.

February 1, 2023 8:00AM MT– Pre-Registration begins: 

Register individually, or register as a group, but do NOT select field trips yet. The Pre-registration process gathers demographic information (i.e. name, address, email, and phone number). If you register as a group, you will include all the above mentioned demographic information for your family and friends that are planning on attending. This process includes paying the $40 registration fee for each registrant. You may also pre-order and pay for t-shirts for pick up during the festival. Upon completion of the payment step, you will receive an email that has a link to your registration. Keep this link handy for when Full Registration opens. Having all this information already collected when Full Registration opens will allow you to jump right into registering for the most coveted field trips. 

NOTE: Each person registered MUST have a unique email address. 

February 15, 2023 8:00AM MT– Full Registration begins:

If not Pre-registered, register and select field trips for individuals, as well as for you and all those in your group. If Pre-registered, click on the 'Already Registered'button (underneath the 'Register' button) to jump into Registration. Select Modify Registration and enter your Email Address and Confirmation Number.  Click 'Next' 3 times to get to the Field Trips and More page to select your field trips. As you select your field trips, if registering for a group, you must also select which members of your group will attend this field trip. 

If during registration you get out of the Registration pages and need to get back, from the header menu, select Post Registration then Confirmation then begin again.

There is a registration fee of $40 before registering for field trips. This fee covers the costs of our registration software, hotel ballroom registration, insurance, speaker fees, and registration packet. And new this year, this fee also provides access to our evening socials and speakers. Most field trips are between $30-$50. Note that all committee members and guides are volunteers and donate their time to make this festival a success!

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