Estate Planning

Do you know you can leave a lasting benefit to the conservation of the habitat for birds and other wildlife across southern Nevada and neighboring areas? By including Red Rock Audubon Society (“RRAS”) in your estate planning, you can allow for the chapter’s Mission and Vision to sustain as well as grow. 

There are several types of Planned Gifts:

  • Bequest through will or trust
  • Charitable trusts or annuities
  • Beneficiary designations on bank accounts, life insurance, 401(k) or IRA

Through your planning, your desired designations can be met. It is your choice to be recognized or remain anonymous. You may also choose to have your gift be unrestricted, for use by Red Rock Audubon Society to further the work of all its current and future programs, or you may choose to have your gift be restricted with your instructions to follow. 

When designating RRAS as a beneficiary, please use the following information pertinent to the Chapter:

            Red Rock Audubon Society Inc
            PO Box 96691
            Las Vegas NV 89193
            EIN:  88-0154994
            Red Rock Audubon is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization
            Email: RedRockAudubon@gmail.com

For more information or questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer Dudek, Treasurer at treasurer@redrockaudubon.com