Native Desert Plants

Native Desert Plants

Plants that are native to our Lower Mojave Desert are best suited to support our local bird populations.  They meet the specific nutritional needs of our birds and the insects that birds feed upon because they have evolved together over many years.


Red Rock Audubon encourages people to plant native plants whenever possible.  However, sourcing true native Lower Mojave Desert plants is a challenge.  Retail outlets have limited stock and limited varieties.  A native plant that might be available in the spring is not available in the fall and vice versa.


Desert-adapted plants are always an option if you can"t go native.  The variety and availability are greater, although you sacrifice a bit of the nutritional value as the seeds and nectar they produce are not specifically matched to meet the needs of local birds and insects.


Local rather than national chains are more likely to carry the native plants which you might be searching for.  You can always inquire about the availability of a certain plant that has caught your attention.


Native plants are sometimes available through twice yearly sales held by Springs Preserve or the Nevada State Nursery through a variety of programs they hold with various non-profit groups.  Red Rock Audubon will work with these organizations to advise the public when these opportunities arise.


WARNING: Collecting seeds and plants on public lands is regulated by law.  You must have a permit from the government entity upon whose land you wish to collect.  Please do your research, act responsibly and protect our public lands.


Please visit the links below for lists of native plants:

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National Audubon Plants for Birds by Zip Code

Using the North American Plant Atlas of the Biota of North America Program (BONAP) National Audubon has created an on-line tool for people to learn about native plants in their area.


You can access that tool by clicking this link.  https://www.audubon.org/native-plants  Enter your zip code and any search parameters you want, such as plants that attract hummingbirds or just plants in general.


Listed below are the top 42 plants in a general search for zip code 89052 in Henderson.  Please see the comments from a Red Rock Audubon member who has worked in the area of native plant ecology for many years. 


While the general consensus is the net the search casts is too wide for our specific location it is a good starting point for learning about native plants.

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Springs Preserve Native Plants for the Las Vegas Landscape

Springs Preserve is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to learn about gardening in general and native plants in particular.  You can visit the gardens and see the beauty of many native and desert adapted plants.  They also have classes on many topics, such as gardening in the desert and making your backyard into a certified wildlife habitat.  Check them out here. https://www.springspreserve.org


This very useful list is from one of their desert gardening classes.  In addition to the comprehensive list of plants they also give information on sourcing plants and seeds.


Springs Preserve has native and desert plant sales in the spring and fall that are open to the general public.  See the document below for more information.


See also the Southern Nevada Water Authority website for a great plant search tool.  https://www.snwa.com/landscapes/plants/index.cfml

Native Plants for the Las Vegas Landscape

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Southern Nevada Pollinator Plants

​This very comprehensive list was created in 2016 through the efforts of volunteers at the Nevada State Nursery and Friends of Red Rock along with US Fish and Wildlife Services.


Plants are listed in an Excel spreadsheet with a lot of useful detail, such as plant height, bloom times and site requirements.  It also includes links to photographs of the plants.

So. NV Pollinator Plants - Excel File

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​Red Rock Audubon Plants That Will Attract Birds

This list takes a different approach than the others on our website. It is organized by birds rather than by plants. Plus it gives you some important information on keeping birds safe in your yard.


Plants That Will Attract Birds To Your Garden Habitat PDF

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Five Good Choices

One of our members prepared this list of native plants that provide all you need to keep birds happy.

The photographs are beautiful and the information valuable.  These plants are very hardy and will do well in your yard.

Good Native Pollinator Plants for Gardens in the Mojave Desert in the Las Vegas Valley

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2020 Garden Tour

In March of 2020, everything shut down due to the Covid 19 pandemic and we were unable to do our normal Garden Tour so the folk decide to do video tours of their gardens. We love to share how we are making a difference for birds in our neighborhoods. So we made some videos for you.  Please enjoy!

Erin"s Garden

Ben and Kirsten's Garden

Nancy's Garden

Christiana's Garden

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