How to Turn Your Yard Into a Certified Wildlife Habitat


Would you like to attract more birds and other wildlife to you yard?

If you’re wondering how to attract more birds to your yard without the ongoing expense and maintenance of seed and nectar feeders, we have some solution for you.

The National Wildlife Federation has step-by-step guidance on the criteria necessary to support and sustain local wildlife. Master Gardener, Gail Brandys will take you through the details, using numerous helpful examples, specific to our Mojave Desert climate.

Gail is the Native Plant Committee Chairperson for the University of Reno Extension here in Clark County, Nevada. Click here for more info.

Before you begin the presentation please download NFW's Garden For Wildlife and A Wildlife Habitat to follow along and take notes.



View and download this list of 38 Native Plant seed with photos and where you can get them.

Red Rock Audubon is grateful to Gail Brandys and the UNR Exstention Master Gardeners Clark County for their support in helping us create a Bird Friendly Community